Job Description

PBE- Sewer Level 3 PPAP Line

Department: Manufacturing Overhead

Job Description


The Sewer Level 3 is responsible for operating and tending to the sewing machine and performing various stitching patterns and specialized stitching functions.

Essential Duties and Accountabilities

Sewer Level 3

1.      Responsible for handling, positioning and moving garment materials through the sewing machine.

2.      Threads, changes bobbin and replaces needle.

3.      Responsible for sewing various garment materials together; for example, a zipper, hook and loop and webbing.

4.      Replenishes garment materials for the sewing machine.

5.      Utilizes the metric measuring system to measure garment materials.

6.      Completes repairs and reworks all materials non-conforming during the inspections process.

7.      Performs various stitching patterns and specialized stitching functions with frequent supervision.

8.      Capable of completing closure and top stitch sewing on all garments.

9.      Performs work using a single needle and bar tacking machine with guidance.

10.  Diligently attends to details and pursues quality in accomplishing tasks.

11.  Maintains a safe and clean work area.

12.  Responsible for working according to the company‚Äôs safety and quality standards.

13.  Performs other related duties as required and assigned.

14.  Operates on the following sewing machines: Single Needle, Double Needle, Button Hole Machine, Button Sewing Machine, Bar Tacking Machine, Binding Machine, and Merro Machine with minimal guidance.

15.  Capable of sewing various garment materials together; for example, pockets and openings.

16.  Performs various stitching patterns and specialized stitching functions with moderate supervision.

17.      Repairs old products (created 2009 to 2015). 

18.  Reads patterns, trims, BOM and Products releases.

19.  Talks to designers as needed.

20.  Capable of sewing various garment materials together for example, Daypacks.

21.  Examines the sewing machine to identify any defects in stitching or machine malfunction.

22.  Sews various garment materials together with minimal guidance and good quality.


  • No minimum education is required, but skills will be tested.
  • Must read, write and understand Basic English.
  • Regular and predictable attendance is an essential function for this position.
  • Ability to use metric tape, read and understand metric system.
  • Must be authorized to work in the USA.

Physical Demands and Working Conditions

  • Requires sitting for a prolonged period of time.
  • Requires reaching, bending, pulling and lifting up to 15 lbs.
  • Requires repetitive movements with hands and arms.
  • Requires good vision and hand/finger dexterity.
Job Type
Full Time