Job Description

PBE- R&D Technician Level 1 (Pompano Beach, FL)

Department: R&D Overhead

Job Description


The R&D Technician Level I, it’s responsible for cutting and maintaining the R&D ballistic sample room, it requires the ability to use various patterns to mark out unique samples to follow, and cut along the mark accurately. Must be able to read and comprehend the company’s core product line “Build Sheets”.

Essential duties and accountabilities

1.       Be able to cut Ballistic material using a hand industrial size scissors and Hand Cutting Machinery to accurately cut various markers / unique samples

2.       Be able to cut and re-size samples.

3.        Clearly understand the company’s Build Sheet and sample cut request.

4.       Be able recognize different Vendor materials by  “Deniers, Pic Count, Finish, UD, Kevlar, Twaron”

5.       Responsible for working according to the company’s safety and quality standards.

6.       Maintains a safe and clean work area.

7.       Help to maintain the R&D Ballistic inventory.

8.       Handle all shipping / receiving for the R&D department.

9.       Support the range team (Clay Packing / Recorder).

10.   Be able to understand the various metric measuring system.

11.   Be able to maximize  material usage to reduce ballistic material waste

12.   Be able to handle heavy ballistic rolls

13.   Be able to work weekends as deadlines/priorities requires.

14.   Performs other related duties as required and or assigned.













qualifications/ competencies

Managing Work:  Managing work to achieve results on time.  Understanding and supporting the organization’s vision, purpose and strategies. Understanding our products and services.


Communicating:  Communicating clearly and candidly; avoiding vagueness, ambiguity, and mixed messages. Contributing to an enthusiastic, positive work climate; energizing others.


Learning & Adapting: Demonstrating a willingness to take on new challenges, responsibilities, and assignments. Taking the initiative as problems or opportunities arise; being action oriented, willing to take risks.


Maximizing Resources:  Working collaboratively with people in our group and in other parts of the organization; supporting others when requested.   Working effectively with people who have diverse ideas, perspectives and values.



§  No minimum education required.

§  (1) one to (2) years’ experience in hand cutting material.

§  Must read, write, and understand Basic English.

§  Material handler

§  Attention to detail.

§  Team working ability.

§  Must be authorized to work in the USA.

§  Ability to work with basic MS Office.

§  Basic computer skills. 

physical demands

§  Requires standing for a prolonged period of time and lifting up to 50lbs.

§  Requires repetitive movements with fingers, hands and arms.

§  Requires walking and moving in narrow spaces for long periods of time.

Job Type
Full Time