Job Description

IT Support Manager

Department: Information Technology

Job Description


The Manager, Help Desk provides support for multiple hardware and software operating system platforms, and supervises help desk and desktop support staff. The incumbent acts as liaison to other IT and departments to ensure that the Help Desk is aware of changes and responsive to the needs of their supported population. Moreover, this employee coordinates and leads the performance of technical specialists and support staff, and modifies or devises new methods, techniques, and procedures.

Essential Duties and Accountabilities

1.     Supervises the performance of Level 1 and Level 2 services and ensures that service levels are achieved, and user expectations are met or exceeded.

2.     Establishes priorities that align with the departmental goals and objectives and identifies areas of improvement.

3.     Monitors and analyzes trends in computer operations and prepares recommendations for operational improvements.

4.     Collaborates with sponsors and stakeholders to define the project business case including project scope, goals and deliverables that support business goals.

5.     Manages project communication throughout the life cycle of the project. Communicates and manages Project Risks. Conducts periodic project reviews with key stakeholders, sponsors and team members to provide progress.

6.     Suggests areas for improvement in internal processes along with possible solutions.

7.     Ensures company assets and software licensing are maintained and used responsibly.

8.     Responsible for working according to the company‚Äôs safety and quality standards.

9.     Maintains a safe and clean work area.

10. Performs other related duties as required and assigned.


Cognition: Processes thoughts and experiences effectively from decision making to innovative thinking, analysis, judgments and problem solving. This includes examining information to draw conclusions, developing creative ideas and perspectives, making informed decisions considering all of the facts, goals, constraints and risks associated and resolving difficult challenges.

Communication: Communicates clearly with others avoiding ambiguity in all aspects of communication from speaking to writing, listening, and reading. This includes expressing ideas and facts orally and in writing, understanding and learning from what others say and grasping the meaning of written information. 

Interaction with Others: Communicating and reacting with co-workers appropriately to maintain a professional environment. This includes encouraging others and furthering Company objectives, building constructive working relationships consisting of acceptance and respect, promoting cooperation and commitment within a team to achieve goals and embracing a work environment that appreciates diversity.

Personal Effectiveness: Incorporating all personal resources to achieve work objectives the most efficiently from accountability to adaptability, customer and safety focus and continual learning This includes taking responsibility for actions, quality and timeliness of work, adjusting to changing business needs, conditions and work responsibilities, maintaining customer satisfaction with the products offered by the company, adhering to all workplace standards, regulations and practices and showing an ongoing commitment to self-improve.


  • Excellent communication, planning and organization skills
  • Bachelor's degree in computer science or equivalent
  • Asset management experience
  • Skilled in the interoperability and connectivity of multiple platforms
  • Strong computer operations and help desk management skills
  • Good organizational, time management, and  prioritization abilities 

Physical Demands and Working Condition

  • Requires sitting for a prolonged period of time.
  • Requires dexterity and coordination to handle files and paper
  • Requires occasional lifting of files, stacks of paper, reference and other materials up to 25 lbs
  • Requires minimum reaching for items above and below desk level
  • Moving from place to place within the building to accomplish tasks.
  • Requires strength, coordination and vision to use keyboard and video display terminal for prolonged periods.
  • Requires on call status for non-work hours IT emergencies. 

Job Type
Full Time